Dark is a white haired boy who is ages with Torak and Renn . He was swan clan, but when he turned 8 and went for his Clan Tatoos he was abandoned. It is likely he is an albino, judging to the fact he is described by Torak to have 'no colour at all.' Because of that, most people he met were scared of him. Dark is an very brave, smart and loyal friend and doesn't judge people of anything, not even Eostra. This is because his nature is love and peace.

As children are not named until they have recieved their Clan Tatoos , Dark did not have a name, so called himself Dark. His choice for the name 'Dark' is likely the fact that the dark is always with him, like some kind of friend, guarding over him. He has a white raven named Ark , after the noise he makes 'ark, ark'. It is likely Ark is an albino as well.

As a child, his clan members were scared of him because of his magic powers. His father hid him in the mountains, saying he would come back for him. Since then he lived in the mountain of ghosts. He lived from the hunting.

Dark looked after Torak when he found him over the edge of a low cliff after Torak's encounter with Eostra . He initially planned to 'keep' Torak, as he was the first person he had met - bar Eostra who uses Dark as the subject of her 'games' - since his abandonment. However Torak managed to convince Dark to free him, and they made their way to the opening in the mountain of ghosts .

When Torak made it into the mountain without him, Dark ran to find Renn, who Torak had spoken about, and lead her to a second opening in the mountain, and together found their way to the heart of it. Eostra was bringing back the Soul Eaters one by one as they watched. The pair then notice Torak's body (his spirits were apart from his body as he was Spirit Walking in Eostra) being atacked by Tokoroths and Eostra's dogs.

Dark uses his slingshot to help Torak to safety.

On returning to the Raven Clan, The Ravens are wary of Dark, until they see that he was close with a white raven (The clansmen believed that anyone with the respect of a white raven deserved theirs.)

Dark worries that Finn Kedinn will send him away, but Durrain notices his strong talent for Magecraft, and instead Dark is made the new Mage of the Raven Clan following Saeunn's death. Renn is relieved that she now has a choice of being the Mage, and Dark is delighted to be welcomed into the Raven Clan, his first real family. He never saw his father again nor his clan again.