Torak is the male main character of the series. His dad was one of the Soul Eater's, but turned than against them. He soon falls in love with Renn.


Before he was born his father was a Healer. His mom was in danger by that so she went to the Great Taxus and bid the the World Spirit. Torak was born as a Spirit Walker. He was named clanless. His mother died. Torak's father had taken him into a wolfs den, while he get away for making a tomb for his dead wife. While in the den Torak learned wolf. And thats how he can speak wolf language. Afther a while his father took him back. 

Wen he was twelve his father was killed by the demon bear made by Tenris, the Seal Mage. He then then met Wolf as a welp. The two became good friends. Later there were captured by Hord, Renn and Oslak. And so they met each other.


Wolf language.Edit

When he was still an infant, his father put him in a wolf den. By that he gained the ability to speak wolf language.Edit

Spirit walking.Edit